As a cooperative we are required to conform with the Cooperative Company Act and the Companies Act. The co-operative status requires a Transacting Share, which must retain at least 60% of the voting for any voting that may be required. Any other share types can either be non-voting or not more than 40% of the total voting rights.

We have the Transacting Share (T-Share) which has an issue value of $365 per share, restricted to one share per person or entity.

We also have a Supporting Share (S-Share). All Supporting shares are non-voting and are preference shares. The issue value of the S-Share is $1, and there is no restriction on the number of S-Shares that can be held. With the exception of the requirement of the Financial Markets Conduct Authority, applicable to small cooperatives. Please see the following for details:

1. What is this?

This is an offer of Co-operative Energy Ltd share that will give you a stake in ownership of the company.

You could receive a return reflecting the performance of Co-operative Energy Ltd through dividends and rebates.

2. About Co-operative Energy Ltd

Co-operative Energy Ltd is a fully community owned co-operative providing advice and installation of Solar power systems for small and large power consumers.

3. Purpose of this offer

The purpose of this offer is to raise awareness of Group action to directly benefit community and people individually, and reduce our use of fossil fuels.

4. Key terms of the offer

The key terms of the offer are briefly summarised the following table.

The offer is offer is a continuous offer from Dec 2023. There are no restrictions on the number of shareholders. The only restriction applies to trading activity must be less that $5 million and no more than $10,000 invested from any shareholder.

With voting rights associated with the Transacting Share only this will represent 100% of the shares on offer.

There are no additional fees applicable on either share type.

Transacting Shares Summary

  • $365 per share Full Voting Rights
  • Only one share per person or entity is permitted. Does not receive distributions, but can receive rebates and discounts on purchases.

Supporting Shares Summary

  • $1 per share No voting rights
  • Maximum purchase is limited to $10,000 per person or entity, including one Transacting Share. Does receive dividends