Solar Power Self Consumption

What is solar power self-consumption?

The concept of solar power self-consumption applies to systems which are connected to the national grid . Instead of exporting the solar generated power to the grid you will be using the power for electrical appliances within your home or business. Self-consumption is when you use solar power directly for your electrical appliances. 

Why should you aim for solar power self-consumption?

Off-setting your electricity bill with solar power is more valuable than exporting your power to the grid, and this is why self-consumption is ideal.

By using solar power directly you are eliminating the need to buy power from the grid, which is approximately 30¢ per kWh. If you were to export that power to the grid energy you will only get paid around 8¢/kWh for your power, which is not as valuable as using the power yourself.


How do we help you?

We recommend before installing solar panels on your roof to monitor your energy usage over a period of time to establish your usage pattern. We have the tools to do this and will install them at your power inlet where it can measure the load and usage over the day. A graph is produced which then is analysed and a recommendation worked out in conjunction with you on the amount of solar to be installed on your roof. A simple questionnaire for you to fill out to help establish the energy value of your house (insulation, double glazing, type of floor, etc).