About KW4U

Co-operatively Owned by people as users of kW’s

The power environment for New Zealand will experience rapid change over the next several years. Transpower anticipate the power demand will double over the next 30 years. It is anticipated the increase in demand will not be met from fossil fuel, but from Solar, Wind, and Hyrdro.

Five things we know:

  • The Supply / Demand match must be equal
  • As demand increases so must Supply
  • Price is determined by Energy Trading activity
  • Solar (PV) is the lowest cost energy conversion to KWS


KW4U History

Co-operative Energy Ltd was formed by a few enthusiasts who wanted to help their Otaki community to become more resilient in the world of rising power prices and an increasing focus on renewable energy. Otaki’s vision to become a power house of new technologies aiming at energy efficiency was the obvious choice. 

A Co-operative was seen as the best way of forging ahead and bringing an extra layer of community independence to it.


Our Directors

Phil Malpas

Phil has been self employed since 1986, working in IT consulting. He has also lectured in Management Accounting and Computer Studies for Polytechnics and Massey University. Phil holds a BA in Psychology and a Diploma of Management (NZIM).

He was General Manager of a Computer Support Company, and worked in several consulting and audit contracts as Executive leasing.

Phil has a strong enthusiasm for community activity especially where there is an opportunity to own and manage infrastructure projects. Situations where the corporate objective can be inconsistent with community needs should have greater community involvement, a principle he strongly believes in.


Louise Ann Ludlow

Louise is part of an established writers group concerned with the state of the world. A recently published work is “Utopia Rising” written in collaboration with Andrea Cook and Glen Hooker. The book identified a need to stand together with celebration of what a small community can do to improve future outcomes.

Haleigh Vanessa Trower

Haleigh is the Campaign Coordinator at Capital magazine and Art Zone NZ and has considerable experience with Government organisations which have encouraged her interest in the Co-operative business model.

Toni Ropata

Tony is Chair for the Ahu Whenua Trust that is disputing two blocks of whanau land in Waikanae. The Grace whānau and Ahu Whenua Trust land blocks comprise the last vestiges of the estate of Wiremu (Wi) Parata Te Kakakura and are of great cultural and historical significance to all the owners.