Cooperative Energy is member owned trading in the Electrical Energy industry. 

We provide advice and analysis to any person, community or commercial user of electrical energy (kWh’s).

Members receive discounts on purchases and distributions for investors from our trading activity.

We operate across all of Aotearoa and can provide Goods and Services to any location.

Our advisory service is free to all people and organisations, our only charge is for any direct supply of Goods and Services.

Powered by Solar Energy

Welcome to KW4U, a member-owned cooperative that’s redefining energy solutions through collective strength and a commitment to sustainability. Unlike typical companies, we prioritize benefits over profits. With KW4U, you’re not just a customer—you’re an owner and a decision-maker.

What We Offer:

    Our primary objective is to provide advantages to members and community;

    • Reduced cost on monthly Power accounts,
    • Use of Industry systems to advantage,
    • Time of Use control for direct advantage,
    • Community Grid advantages,
    • Solar Energy conversion to Electrical Energy (kWh),
    • Reduced use of Coal and Gas and Oil.

    Solar Energy is available to all in Aotearoa, the benefits of Solar conversion are of a direct measurable value (money) for all participants.

    Become a KW4U Member

    As a member of KW4U, you will be at the forefront of energy system innovation, initiating behaviour change, accelerating the decentralisation of the energy system, reducing carbon emissions, and up-skilling communities across Aotearoa NZ.

    By becoming a member of KW4U, you will receive;

    • Value – Reduced use of Coal and Gas
    • Value – conversion of a digital currency (money) to a direct value of KWS
    • Value – Reduced direct costs.

    We are promoting expansion of the Co-operative model for direct benefit for members, including direct participation in the Electricity market This will enhance the opportunity for sharing PV generation for small and large groups.

    Doing so amplifies the financial advantages for our members and contributes to the growth of the co-operative, with benefit for all shareholders.
    Transacting Shares (T-Shares) and Supporting Shares (S-Shares) are available. Click the join button to find out more and apply to become a member.

    Why Solar?

    Together we can reduce the use of Coal and Gas for KWS generation. New Zealand has a unique opportunity being already about 60% from renewable sources.

    Of all the energy sources presently used Solar energy is the only constant and consistent resource, as it has been over millions of years. The use of Solar Energy does not deplete that resource.

    Photo Voltaic (PV) technology continues to evolve with increasing efficiency, lower costs, and a positive return on investment. Solar is now the cheapest form of electric power generation.
    In simple terms, any solar generation, on any site, will reduce the use of grid supplied power and a typical power account invoice. Solar energy generation can also be scaled easily from small to large, without the need for large infrastructure. Solar energy utilises an infinite resource, with no moving parts, no noise, no environmental damage, and no pollution.